Funuc 0i- MC and TC s Manual Guide i

Control systems FANUC Series 0i is the successor to the world's most popular series 0. Series 0i is characterized by its high reliability and performance. Integrated turning and milling cycles of programming and facilitate the creation of part programs. FANUC 0i is equipped with a software tool MANUAL GUIDE i, which allows the operator of a machining program using a graphical wizard. This wizard guides the user through the programming of machine cycles, easily understandable menus and graphic simulations and thus allows him to work very effectively and quickly achieve results. The user has the whole picture of the manufacturing process and can create a program without having an active knowledge of programming language. Enhanced features help file (help), history, alarms, and operator intervention facilitate machine control. High-speed machining with constant cutting speed provides higher speed and better quality parts. Management tool helps to maximize the machine tool, tool correction is entered in input data. To expand the existing fixed cycles or for creating new cycles is user B. Macro Series 0i synchronous threading allows for high quality threading taps without affordable housing balancing