MAXIMART Constant Growth and inovation

Constant growth and innovation is one of the priorities of Maximart that inside Company creates intense competition for the highest technological achievement degree . At the beginning it was the production of milling machines, which came to their current production precision machining centers , each machine is fully superior performance and reflects the company's technological innovation Maximart .

Extra-fine cut as Hairline & Heavy cut with irresistible power

High-speed machining center series Rapido ensure a wide range of applications. They are intended for those who need one machine from power and delicate precision machining . They rapidly saves your cost .

High Precision and High accurancy Guaranteed

Each machine manufactured by MAXIMART is mounted in a fully air-conditioned factory . Accurancy of machines is not affected by environmentaltemperature variation during mounting and production . In addition , it provides comfortable working environment to upgrade working efficiency.

To achieve high accuracy are important components and surfaces precisely hand-sraped

Rear face of the headstock , srews support faces and block contact faces are fully hand-scraped to increase machining accurancy and feeding smoothness.